Redefining leadership


Leadership is not about the size of your office or having formal authority. Leadership 2.0 is a mindset, a way of being – the way we operate through the days.


I once had a boss who reminded me he was the CEO 17 times over in a letter he wrote to me. I recall how that capitalised abbreviation stood out against all other small letters in the two-page letter, which left me wondering why he needed to emphasis that he was the CEO.

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Staff training yields productivity


Evidence has shown that organisations that invests in effective staff training “” and development tend to achieve both short “” and long term benefits.


While it’s easy to view investment in employee development as a cost centre, statistics show that the benefits a company can accrue from a skilled manager are wide-reaching when considered wisely. There is indeed evidence that organisations investing in effective staff training “” and development tend to achieve both short “” and long term benefits.

Productivity “” and customer satisfaction

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Michelle Ntalami, CEO “” and Founder, Marini Naturals has developed products to cater for women with natural hair. She has managed to create, grow “” and build the br”” and in Kenya, Africa “” and beyond.


What made you venture into the world of entrepreneurship?

From my childhood, I have always been fascinated by the idea of creating things from scratch. I have never been so great at following the norm. My inquisitive “” and creative mind questions everything. So naturally, I feel drawn to business as I get to create things from the very beginning, determine its journey, “” and literally my own success. It fascinates me.

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How to execute a new strategy



Even at this day “” and age, many organisations view the launch of a strategic plan as an end to itself. There is normally pomp “” and celebrations during the launch where the full board, management “” and staff including, shareholders are in attendance. After the celebrations, everything is left to management to implement. Everyone else retreats to their cocoon hoping results will flow automatically.

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The dilemma of managing four generations in the workplace



For productivity to be alive “” and well in any organisation, there are some key factors that employers need to focus on.

There is a new problem at the workplace “” and it has nothing to do with salary increment, flexible working hours or downsizing. For the first time in the corporate world, four generations are working together “” and they seem to have fundamental differences in the way they look at things. We have the Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y “” and Generation Z. With this reality, there is a huge dilemma on how businesses can ensure optimal productivity. The 2016 KIM Corporate Breakfast brought together HR experts to look into this dilemma “” and how to get it right. In Kenya for example, 75 per cent of the population is below the age of 35 years, meaning that policies “” and processes in most organisations suit only 25 per cent of the population.

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Capitalise on data for productivity


Smart interpretation of data is fast becoming a necessity. The onus is now on companies to leverage on this initiative to realise greater productivity.


Various business organisations “” and small “” and medium enterprises across the world in various sectors are increasingly approaching the businesses from a customer-centric perspective, amassing infinite quantities of customer intelligence in the process. But harnessing this data deluge has been a huge challenge. Everyone is aware that big data brings excitement to the organisations but again not everyone is aware that big data sometimes fails to deliver the big insights that were hoped for. Rarely do firms tackle this topic. It would be of a massive benefit to identify a correlation that exist between the big data “” and the overall corporate performance, the kind of capabilities “” and investments needed, impact at stake “” and the most vital levers.

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