Tales of a young, aspiring WOMAN POLITICIAN

Top Woman1

S”” andra Belyon is a 30-year-old aspiring politician. She hopes to be the next Woman Representative of Kericho County. She previously declared her interest in the Kericho Senatorial by-election of 2016.


I am happy to be among those women who have chosen the road less travelled. World over, there is a rising momentum encouraging “” and ensuring active participation “” and leadership of youth “” and women politics, especially within local government structures.

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Michelle Ntalami, CEO “” and Founder, Marini Naturals has developed products to cater for women with natural hair. She has managed to create, grow “” and build the br”” and in Kenya, Africa “” and beyond.


What made you venture into the world of entrepreneurship?

From my childhood, I have always been fascinated by the idea of creating things from scratch. I have never been so great at following the norm. My inquisitive “” and creative mind questions everything. So naturally, I feel drawn to business as I get to create things from the very beginning, determine its journey, “” and literally my own success. It fascinates me.

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Are you strong enough to HIRE WOMEN?



Most companies, professions, government institutions, “” and non-professional bodies such as political parties “” and churches have been historically dominated by men. Even now, there are more men than women at the workplace.

According to the International Labour Office’s publication Women at Work: Trends 2016, women’s labour force participation in 2015 was estimated at 49.6 per cent. The finding that there are fewer female employees than male is consistent with the results of another study – Women in the Workplace 2016 – which was conducted by McKinsey “” and LeanIn.org among over 130 companies “” and more than 34,000 men “” and women. This second study established that women remain underrepresented at every level in the corporate pipeline.

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How to execute a new strategy



Even at this day “” and age, many organisations view the launch of a strategic plan as an end to itself. There is normally pomp “” and celebrations during the launch where the full board, management “” and staff including, shareholders are in attendance. After the celebrations, everything is left to management to implement. Everyone else retreats to their cocoon hoping results will flow automatically.

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Success is not by chance


By David Muturi

I love plans, “” and firmly believe that regardless of what you choose to do in life, the starting point is managing yourself. To do this effectively, you need a personal plan. Such a plan hinges on the basics of what you seek in life. Once you know what you want, you must define the limits that you would like to stretch yourself to in order to realize your dreams.

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How to transform insurance through big data

Big Data

Trends can be identified through various data sources such as medical history, lifestyle choices, demographics “” and even driving habits to ensure a correct pricing structure.


Every now “” and then, a new buzzword pops up which remains fashionable for a while but then disappears again. “Big data” does not appear to be one of these terms. Many executives, entrepreneurs “” and marketers have now adopted it as part of their jargon – but the reality is many use the term without knowing the true meaning of it. Wikipedia defines big data as a “broad term for data sets so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate.”

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Expect a better business environment in 2016



When President Uhuru Kenyatta officially commissioned the KSh4.8 billion English Point Marina on January 12, many investors “” and analysts saw it as a signal that Kenya’s tourism sector was on the verge of gaining back its lost glory.

It would not have come at a better time than the beginning of the year when investors are looking for clues on the direction the Kenyan economy will take in 2016.

The magnitude of the project — a luxury yatch facility — not only puts Kenya squarely on the global tourism map, but also is a sign that investors are keen to pump in billions of dollars into the country.

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The evolution of PR measurement



Nairobi played host to the first World Conference on Public Relations in Emerging Economies (WCPREE) in November 2015. With more than 400 delegates from around 25 countries in attendance, it was a major event on the global communications stage. Hosted by the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) “” and its international partner, The Global Alliance for Public Relations “” and Communication Management, the event featured some of the world’s top minds on public relations “” and communications.

Global Alliance is one world’s biggest PR “” and communication management associations “” and institutions, representing 160,000 practitioners “” and academics around the world.

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Leader with an eye for entrepreneurship


When First Lady Margaret Kenyatta shared her vision about plans to use mobile trucks in the Beyond Zero campaign, Rita Kavashe, Managing Director General Motors EA Ltd quickly conceptualised the idea “” and delivered in three weeks.


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