The changing face of HR

COVER - September 2017 - Photos21

Sharon Kisire, HR Manager, Kenya Pipelin offers her views on the evolving issues in the human resource industry.

1. What are the latest perspectives on HR as a business partner away from just HR Management? And what does this mean to organizations that want to create conducive work environments?

Not sure it is the latest but what I know is that HRPB takes HR to where the business really is “” and ensures that HR delivers value where it matters most. HR challenges at the work environment will reach HR management quickly, seamlessly “” and efficiently through HRPB.

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There is need to protect your intellectual property


IP can be immensely valuable to its owners “” and the economy at large if well protected “” and harnessed.


Early 2015, Weetabix Limited published a notice in the media telling all dealers to sell their stocks of Multibix biscuits by May 30, 2015 or risk being jailed.

“This is to notify all members of the public that by a settlement between Weetabix Limited “” and Manji Food Industries Limited, it has been agreed that any person found stocking or promoting the biscuit product Multibix shall be liable for contempt of court,” the notice read in part.

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Off to save lives


Death “” and disability from severe injuries can be avoided if the right care is provided quickly.


World War II gave birth to the concept of emergency air evacuation, a mission that lowers morbidity “” and mortality rates due to the speedy movement of patients to hospitals coupled with timely management “” and proper h”” andling of patients.Since then, air ambulance service has become an essential component of the health care system which when utilised appropriately saves lives “” and reduces the cost of health care.

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What single digit lending rate means to our economy


Lower interest rates make it cheaper to borrow “” and this encourages spending “” and investment leading to higher aggregate dem”” and “” and economic growth.


The Consumer Federation of Kenya moved to the Supreme Court in 2011 seeking a reversal of a decision that removed controls on interest rates under a legal amendment in 2000. The controls had been imposed through the Central Bank of Kenya (Amendment) Bill 2000, popularly known as the Donde Act after former Gem MP Joe Donde successfully moved the proposals in Parliament. On the other h”” and, the law specified that the deposit rate was also supposed to be no less than four percentage points below the prevailing T-bill rate. The clauses were meant to stop profiteering by banks at the expense of firms “” and individuals who were then in financial distress “” and were being declared bankrupt.

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Sarah Serem: She is taking no prisoners

March 2015 TW

Since love “” and fear can hardly exist together, if we must choose between them, it is far safer to be feared than loved, wrote Niccolò Machiavelli in The Prince. CAROLE KIMUTAIinterviewed a public officer who is ruffling many feathers in Government.

Sarah Jepkemoi Chumo Serem, the chairperson of Kenya’s Salaries “” and Remuneration Commission (SRC) elicits love, joy, fear “” and hate in equal measure. Ordinary citizens love her. They see her as a brave voice speaking on behalf of tax payers. On the other h”” and, elected leaders see her as a permanent enemy out to curtail their dem”” ands for pay increase. They accuse her of fighting devolution, lacking etiquette “” and abusing constitutional powers.

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