Stay safe during elections


At the polling station, be calm “” and do not talk carelessly about any c”” andidate or the election process. You may be conceived to be an agent of the opposing c”” andidates “” and this may trigger a fight.


Crime is a complex event “” and can be described by the five dimensions of law: offender, target/ victim, place “” and time of the incident. This is according to Paul “” and Patricia Brantingham in their book Environmental Criminology. These five components are a necessary “” and sufficient condition, for without one, the other four, even together, will not constitute a criminal incident.

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The value of innovative thinking



Innovative thinking is an ongoing process that involves use of internal “” and external data to find “” and develop unique opportunities “” and ensure creativity “” and innovation for superior performance. Today’s business environment is so dynamic “” and highly competitive since competition has gone global. Therefore, corporate strategies must go beyond the borders of nations “” and markets. Unique business insights “” and opportunities must be developed “” and applied to create the firm’s competitive advantage. A journal article “Strategic Thinking: 11 Critical Skills Needed” by J. Glenn Ebersole states that the greatest “” and most successful organisations in the world, over many years “” and decades, would think ahead “” and encourage great strategic thinking at least somewhere in their business plans. The following are some of the factors that highlight the value of innovation “” and strategic thinking.

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Make value from THE BIG DATA


JOHN OREDO delves into the various ways organisations can make use of big data in their possession “” and derive value from it.

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How IT expert launched luxury fashion START-UP


Aprelle Duany describes herself as a nerd who adores fashion. Previously, an IT Auditor for one of the Big Four accounting firms in New York, she has degrees in Information Technology, media, as well as fashion. She pulls from her technical experience “” and approaches design “” and development from a problem-solving perspective.

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Are you strong enough to HIRE WOMEN?



Most companies, professions, government institutions, “” and non-professional bodies such as political parties “” and churches have been historically dominated by men. Even now, there are more men than women at the workplace.

According to the International Labour Office’s publication Women at Work: Trends 2016, women’s labour force participation in 2015 was estimated at 49.6 per cent. The finding that there are fewer female employees than male is consistent with the results of another study – Women in the Workplace 2016 – which was conducted by McKinsey “” and among over 130 companies “” and more than 34,000 men “” and women. This second study established that women remain underrepresented at every level in the corporate pipeline.

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How to execute a new strategy



Even at this day “” and age, many organisations view the launch of a strategic plan as an end to itself. There is normally pomp “” and celebrations during the launch where the full board, management “” and staff including, shareholders are in attendance. After the celebrations, everything is left to management to implement. Everyone else retreats to their cocoon hoping results will flow automatically.

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Farming for the future


For there to be advancement in farming, African farmers will have to embrace technology which will improve efficiencies.


In a world obsessed with anything from the latest gossip on the Kardashians right through to Pokemon Go, it is very easy to forget the basics of human needs. Bread, vegetables, meat, sugar, milk, in fact whatever suits our taste, is something we get from the corner shop. We complain when prices rise, the kids refuse to eat their broccoli, we enjoy a nice steak now “” and again but it has become something we take for granted.

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The missing link to delighting your customers

iphone charging

VoC program can build closer connections with customers by giving them what they need, how they need it.


 Be bold! Be brave! Be heard in the boardroom this year! Might a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program be the missing link to making delightful experiences for your customers a reality in your business?

Simply put, VoC refers to feedback customers give a business with regard to their experiences with the company’s products “” and/or services. This becomes invaluable data for businesses in helping them bridge the gap between customer expectations “” and actual experiences with their br”” ands.

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There is need to protect your intellectual property


IP can be immensely valuable to its owners “” and the economy at large if well protected “” and harnessed.


Early 2015, Weetabix Limited published a notice in the media telling all dealers to sell their stocks of Multibix biscuits by May 30, 2015 or risk being jailed.

“This is to notify all members of the public that by a settlement between Weetabix Limited “” and Manji Food Industries Limited, it has been agreed that any person found stocking or promoting the biscuit product Multibix shall be liable for contempt of court,” the notice read in part.

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The evolution of PR measurement



Nairobi played host to the first World Conference on Public Relations in Emerging Economies (WCPREE) in November 2015. With more than 400 delegates from around 25 countries in attendance, it was a major event on the global communications stage. Hosted by the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) “” and its international partner, The Global Alliance for Public Relations “” and Communication Management, the event featured some of the world’s top minds on public relations “” and communications.

Global Alliance is one world’s biggest PR “” and communication management associations “” and institutions, representing 160,000 practitioners “” and academics around the world.

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