Inside the workplace of the future

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Employees will be at liberty to define their terms of engagement with employers, dress code as well as working hours.


In less than a decade from today, the popular term ‘permanent “” and pensionable employee’ in Kenya’s organisations may not exist. Reporting to work every morning “” and leaving in the evening will also be meaningless. Additionally, what you wear as well as where “” and how you sit while carrying out your duties will not count. The new workplace “” and workforce will have a br”” and new architecture.

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The working millennial


Employers are increasingly faced with the challenge of retaining talent “” and developing careers


Pew research estimates that in 2015 the Millennials, those born between 1981 “” and 1997, will exceed the Baby Boomers (those born just after World War II (1946-1964)) in North America “” and Europe. Some demographers parcel up ‘generations’ of people based on what they think are common characteristics. Currently, there are six different generations, the Greatest Generation born before 1928, the Silent generation born between 1928 to 1945, the Baby Boom Generation born between 1946 “” and 1964, Generation X born between 1965 “” and 1980 “” and the millennial generation born between 1981 “” and 1997.

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