Terry, the super multi-tasker


Terry McKenzie works as an international claims manager with a global health insurance firm, runs an online business called TMHoodies “” and has a consultancy involved in customer service.


If you meet Terry Mckenzie “” and ask her, “What do you do?” expect a very long answer.

Terry, a nurse by profession, describes herself as a ‘super multi-tasker’. She works as an international claims manager with a global health insurance company in the country. She also runs an online company called TMHoodies, which makes personalised hoodies for both private “” and corporate clients. She’s also involved in consultancy, “” and together with three other professionals, runs Ackon Consultancy where they do customer care “” and staff training, bills for county government “” and other corporate training services.

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The dentist who is passionate about hair and skin


Dr Gasheri Thuku is successfully juggling a career in dentistry where she heads the Dental Department at the Maragwa Sub-district Hospital “” and runs a business – manufacturing “” and selling natural skin care products.


One thing st”” ands out about Dr. Gasheri Thuku – she is a rolling ball of energy “” and laughter. The most asked question about her is, “How many hours do you have in your day?”  Dr. Gasheri is a dentist at the Maragwa Sub-county Hospital where she also doubles as the Head of Dental Department. She is also the founder “” and CEO of Sheth Naturals, a natural oils “” and butters company that she started in 2014.

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