Work, life and purpose


We need to know who we are “” and what we are good at, risking everything in the pursuit of our dreams, as we nurture “” and hone our skills.


For work to happen, effort “” and energy has to be dispensed. There was a time when our ancestors had no luxury in choosing the work they did. The l”” and they lived off dictated that. But every time a civilisation arose, labour became the fuel for its growth. Under such circumstances labour was divided into social classes “” and the people who worked the hardest “” and received a pittance were the slave class. They had no free will “” and only lived on the whims of their masters.

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BAD BOSS phenomenon

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Creating a compelling place for employees to work is a critical success factor for a business.


Research indicates that the biggest determinant of how satisfied, committed “” and engaged people are at work is the immediate supervisor. An interesting observation is the correlation between employee satisfaction “” and customer satisfaction “” and ultimately revenue regeneration plus profits. This employee-customer-profit model has been deployed in turning around companies such as Sears, a merch”” andising group in America.

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The value of innovative thinking



Innovative thinking is an ongoing process that involves use of internal “” and external data to find “” and develop unique opportunities “” and ensure creativity “” and innovation for superior performance. Today’s business environment is so dynamic “” and highly competitive since competition has gone global. Therefore, corporate strategies must go beyond the borders of nations “” and markets. Unique business insights “” and opportunities must be developed “” and applied to create the firm’s competitive advantage. A journal article “Strategic Thinking: 11 Critical Skills Needed” by J. Glenn Ebersole states that the greatest “” and most successful organisations in the world, over many years “” and decades, would think ahead “” and encourage great strategic thinking at least somewhere in their business plans. The following are some of the factors that highlight the value of innovation “” and strategic thinking.

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The missing link to delighting your customers

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VoC program can build closer connections with customers by giving them what they need, how they need it.


 Be bold! Be brave! Be heard in the boardroom this year! Might a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program be the missing link to making delightful experiences for your customers a reality in your business?

Simply put, VoC refers to feedback customers give a business with regard to their experiences with the company’s products “” and/or services. This becomes invaluable data for businesses in helping them bridge the gap between customer expectations “” and actual experiences with their br”” ands.

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