Of cloud computing and digital transformation


Cloud service brokerage business model is still nascent “” and may take a little more time to mature, especially in the developing economies where adoption of cloud services itself is yet to catch cachet.


Most of the critical issues organisations are grappling with today can be traced to the disruptions spawned by digital technologies “” and how companies can align to the digital futures. No sector is immune to the effects of digital transformation.

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Password pitfalls to avoid


Organisations’ IT departments should ensure users use authorised devices to access company systems.


Company information systems contain confidential information that could include trade secrets, financial information, employee information, forecasts “” and competitive analysis within the industry. The bigger the organisation, the higher the security risk. Large organisations contain information stored in multiple databases for the respective units, departments “” and branches. Information is processed, accessed “” and stored at different levels of the organisation “” and at different departments. Each system has a password “” and rights allocation matrixes, that is, individually assigned with read “” and/or write rights.

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