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How big data can help manage waste

Sammi Nderitu
Analytics and big data can lessen the amount of waste being created. By FRANCOIS VAN DYK One of my favourite movies is the Pixar 2008
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We need more agribusinesses in Africa

Sammi Nderitu
African countries need to view agriculture as a business  and proactively identify and create markets for its products.  By SCOVIAN LILIAN Over a very long
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Simple strategies for big dilemmas

Sammi Nderitu
By MURIITHI NDEGWA The case of plastic bags ban in Kenya A story is told about a rich kid who loved writing fiction. In his
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Plastics in the ocean

Sammi Nderitu
By SAMMI NDERITU In July 2018, I was on assignment at the coastal city of Mombasa. Typical of ‘watu wa bara’ (coastal reference for people
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Hunger is real

Sammi Nderitu
By TABITHA AREBA I recently came across a video which showed a farmer injecting vegetables with oxytocin, and spraying them with silicone to look bigger
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How imports affect Kenya’s producers

Kenya is the most industrially developed country in East Africa, yet manufacturing accounts for only 14 per cent of its gross domestic product. By EDWIN

Technology has made manufacturing better

An automated workforce has a large number of benefits over human capital: the investment of a single robotic worker can replace 3 to 4 human

Africa should innovate to grow

African governments should be proactive in adopting new technologies. By FRANCOIS VAN DYK Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder ‘and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum
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I am living my childhood dream

When Eng. Michael Thuita, Acting Chief Executive Officer at Athi Water was young, a certain engineer visited his primary school. He liked the guy ‘and
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The new medium of exchange

Cryptocurrencies ‘and blockchain assets are the newest ‘and potentially most promising new asset class. By JONATHAN MISOI The Rotary Club of Eldoret, where I am