Stay safe during elections


At the polling station, be calm “” and do not talk carelessly about any c”” andidate or the election process. You may be conceived to be an agent of the opposing c”” andidates “” and this may trigger a fight.


Crime is a complex event “” and can be described by the five dimensions of law: offender, target/ victim, place “” and time of the incident. This is according to Paul “” and Patricia Brantingham in their book Environmental Criminology. These five components are a necessary “” and sufficient condition, for without one, the other four, even together, will not constitute a criminal incident.

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Next President can boost Kenya`s growth by supporting SMEs


The party that wins Kenya’s General Election has an opportunity to supercharge economic growth by adopting policies that help Small “” and Medium Businesses.


The party that emerges the winner of Kenya’s general election, to be held on 8th August 2017, has an opportunity to supercharge job creation “” and economic growth by adopting policies that help Small “” and Medium Businesses to thrive. That’s according to Nikki Summers, the Regional Director for Sage in East Africa. She says the next government will have a strong framework “” and foundation to build on, following years of State investment in creating an enabling environment for entrepreneurs “” and business builders.

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