Real estate ready for tech disruption but mindsets need to shift


In building “” and construction, the tide of change driven by innovation has been slowly permeating the fastest growing industry in the country.


While most major sectors of the economy have experienced significant disruption occasioned by technology “” and new platforms, the construction “” and real estate sector has been slow to adapt to new innovative technologies, not just in Kenya, but globally.

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4 steps to bring your team back to LIFE

H ands

Don’t set them up for failure, let them experience success


So there I was with a shiny new job, excited, ready to deliver “” and impress. On the first day, I’m greeted by a team of demotivated “” and unfocused employees. I am a strong believer in “hiring the right people “” and then letting them do their job” but different circumstances call for different management styles.

Once in a while a manager may find himself with a team that needs a little h”” and holding, “” and it may be necessary to be completely immersed in what the team is working on, to ensure they underst”” and the vision that the manager wants to translate.

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Michelle Ntalami, CEO “” and Founder, Marini Naturals has developed products to cater for women with natural hair. She has managed to create, grow “” and build the br”” and in Kenya, Africa “” and beyond.


What made you venture into the world of entrepreneurship?

From my childhood, I have always been fascinated by the idea of creating things from scratch. I have never been so great at following the norm. My inquisitive “” and creative mind questions everything. So naturally, I feel drawn to business as I get to create things from the very beginning, determine its journey, “” and literally my own success. It fascinates me.

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Towards a hallmark of innovation



Last week, I had to re-new my insurance premiums “” and the journey begun from a call with the broker who asked that I take the car for valuation, after which he would send me the report. I would then be required to fill in some new forms, send the payment “” and wait another 48 hours to get my new sticker! This got me thinking about how very little has changed about insurance since I bought my first car 22 years ago. Actually, the only difference in the process is that my assistant is now able to pay using mobile money as opposed to queuing at the bank. If anything, the certificate was actually processed on the same day but the paper work seems to be a constant, or even more.

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How to execute a new strategy



Even at this day “” and age, many organisations view the launch of a strategic plan as an end to itself. There is normally pomp “” and celebrations during the launch where the full board, management “” and staff including, shareholders are in attendance. After the celebrations, everything is left to management to implement. Everyone else retreats to their cocoon hoping results will flow automatically.

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Success is not by chance


By David Muturi

I love plans, “” and firmly believe that regardless of what you choose to do in life, the starting point is managing yourself. To do this effectively, you need a personal plan. Such a plan hinges on the basics of what you seek in life. Once you know what you want, you must define the limits that you would like to stretch yourself to in order to realize your dreams.

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Five ways to refresh your customer experience


Any business hoping to be a champion in the arena of customer experience must listen a little more to its customers.


Will the customer experience get better in 2016? Many organisations have ‘improvement of the customer experience’ as one of their business objectives this year. Others are focusing on improving their customer satisfaction score, others are hoping to retain 100 per cent of their customers, “” and many others want to see a reduction in the number of customer complaints. This will not just happen!

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Fun and love can lead to profits


Studies have proved that money is not the most important factor in employee motivation.


When the September 11 terrorist attacks took place in 2001, the American airline traffic tumbled by 20 per cent. The Industry went into a crisis mode. Airlines began to borrow money to cover cash drains arising from the reduced passenger traffic to the tune of USD3 million to USD8 million daily. Flights were cancelled “” and employees were laid off. Deliveries of new planes on order were cancelled as bankruptcy came knocking on the doors of every airline.

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Expect a better business environment in 2016



When President Uhuru Kenyatta officially commissioned the KSh4.8 billion English Point Marina on January 12, many investors “” and analysts saw it as a signal that Kenya’s tourism sector was on the verge of gaining back its lost glory.

It would not have come at a better time than the beginning of the year when investors are looking for clues on the direction the Kenyan economy will take in 2016.

The magnitude of the project — a luxury yatch facility — not only puts Kenya squarely on the global tourism map, but also is a sign that investors are keen to pump in billions of dollars into the country.

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What single digit lending rate means to our economy


Lower interest rates make it cheaper to borrow “” and this encourages spending “” and investment leading to higher aggregate dem”” and “” and economic growth.


The Consumer Federation of Kenya moved to the Supreme Court in 2011 seeking a reversal of a decision that removed controls on interest rates under a legal amendment in 2000. The controls had been imposed through the Central Bank of Kenya (Amendment) Bill 2000, popularly known as the Donde Act after former Gem MP Joe Donde successfully moved the proposals in Parliament. On the other h”” and, the law specified that the deposit rate was also supposed to be no less than four percentage points below the prevailing T-bill rate. The clauses were meant to stop profiteering by banks at the expense of firms “” and individuals who were then in financial distress “” and were being declared bankrupt.

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