Employment trends in the gig economy


Allan Ngunze, HR Manager at Population Services Kenya (PS Kenya) shares some insights on the current “” and future state of HR “” and what we need to take cognizance of. He spoke to MURUGI NDWIGA.

Being at the centre of hiring, how do you spot talent “” and how can you tell that a c”” andidate will be a good fit for an organization? Do you make bad choices when recruiting “” and how do you salvage the situation?

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Boards should make diversity and inclusion top priority


The KIM Leadership “” and Diversity Report (2017) has established that the boards “” and senior management teams of NSE-listed companies are largely male, lack youth representation “” and are skewed in terms of skills mix. Andia Chakava, Kenya Chapter chairperson of New Faces New Voices, speaks on the importance of age, socio economic, ethnic “” and gender inclusion.

1. From a leadership viewpoint, why is diversity “” and inclusion important to business?

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Real estate ready for tech disruption but mindsets need to shift


In building “” and construction, the tide of change driven by innovation has been slowly permeating the fastest growing industry in the country.


While most major sectors of the economy have experienced significant disruption occasioned by technology “” and new platforms, the construction “” and real estate sector has been slow to adapt to new innovative technologies, not just in Kenya, but globally.

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Leading with values and purpose


David Gatende has worked with water “” and energy solutions company Davis & Shirtliff for the last 31 years, growing through the ranks from a field engineer to Group CEO. He talks about the importance of company culture in retaining staff “” and value-based leadership.


At the reception of Davis & Shirtliff’s Industrial Area office is a conspicuous board with 91 names on it. The first two belong to E.C. Davis “” and F.R Shirtliff, 1946, the founder members of the water “” and energy solutions company, followed by other names, each matched with the year each staff member joined the company. The board celebrates employees who have served with the organisation for 25 years.

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Computer security threats to look out for


Cyber security predictions make it important for organisations to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals’ exploits. Here are crucial key security predictions for 2017. 


Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future,” as Nils Bohr, the Nobel laureate physicist put it. But as we begin 2017, it is useful to look forward “” and try to anticipate the cyber security trends that lie ahead; “” and reflect on what has happened over the past year, to see how accurate previous predictions were. Check Point Software Technologies predicted the following security threats in 2016:

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Of cloud computing and digital transformation


Cloud service brokerage business model is still nascent “” and may take a little more time to mature, especially in the developing economies where adoption of cloud services itself is yet to catch cachet.


Most of the critical issues organisations are grappling with today can be traced to the disruptions spawned by digital technologies “” and how companies can align to the digital futures. No sector is immune to the effects of digital transformation.

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4 steps to bring your team back to LIFE

H ands

Don’t set them up for failure, let them experience success


So there I was with a shiny new job, excited, ready to deliver “” and impress. On the first day, I’m greeted by a team of demotivated “” and unfocused employees. I am a strong believer in “hiring the right people “” and then letting them do their job” but different circumstances call for different management styles.

Once in a while a manager may find himself with a team that needs a little h”” and holding, “” and it may be necessary to be completely immersed in what the team is working on, to ensure they underst”” and the vision that the manager wants to translate.

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Make value from THE BIG DATA


JOHN OREDO delves into the various ways organisations can make use of big data in their possession “” and derive value from it.

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Women should take these STEPS TO GROW


Say “yes” to opportunities, then look for somebody who has succeeded to help you through a steep learning curve.


Coaching “” and mentorship is increasingly becoming one of the most profound ways of developing “” and supporting female leaders, especially within Africa. There is currently a clear indication that women who choose to be coached “” and mentored rise much faster up the career ladder, showcasing excellent performance in their jobs. Both interventions work alongside the traditional interventions such as training “” and practical methods that aid personal “” and professional growth.

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Is it a ‘yes’ or ‘no’?



In the traditional African setting, women were the primary caregivers in homes. They took care of children, the sick “” and the elderly, among a myriad of other household chores. This was in addition to shouldering activities outside the home like tilling the l”” and. As a result, saying ‘yes’ to a wide range of requests came naturally to them.

Today, the world has changed. A lot of women now work outside the home, in addition to taking time to go to school “” and advance their careers.

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