Inside the workplace of the future

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Employees will be at liberty to define their terms of engagement with employers, dress code as well as working hours.


In less than a decade from today, the popular term ‘permanent “” and pensionable employee’ in Kenya’s organisations may not exist. Reporting to work every morning “” and leaving in the evening will also be meaningless. Additionally, what you wear as well as where “” and how you sit while carrying out your duties will not count. The new workplace “” and workforce will have a br”” and new architecture.

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Boards should make diversity and inclusion top priority


The KIM Leadership “” and Diversity Report (2017) has established that the boards “” and senior management teams of NSE-listed companies are largely male, lack youth representation “” and are skewed in terms of skills mix. Andia Chakava, Kenya Chapter chairperson of New Faces New Voices, speaks on the importance of age, socio economic, ethnic “” and gender inclusion.

1. From a leadership viewpoint, why is diversity “” and inclusion important to business?

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