The changing face of HR

COVER - September 2017 - Photos21

Sharon Kisire, HR Manager, Kenya Pipelin offers her views on the evolving issues in the human resource industry.

1. What are the latest perspectives on HR as a business partner away from just HR Management? And what does this mean to organizations that want to create conducive work environments?

Not sure it is the latest but what I know is that HRPB takes HR to where the business really is “” and ensures that HR delivers value where it matters most. HR challenges at the work environment will reach HR management quickly, seamlessly “” and efficiently through HRPB.

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Employment trends in the gig economy


Allan Ngunze, HR Manager at Population Services Kenya (PS Kenya) shares some insights on the current “” and future state of HR “” and what we need to take cognizance of. He spoke to MURUGI NDWIGA.

Being at the centre of hiring, how do you spot talent “” and how can you tell that a c”” andidate will be a good fit for an organization? Do you make bad choices when recruiting “” and how do you salvage the situation?

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