The future of work is here


The ‘workforce’ of the future will include Artificial Intelligence, freelancers “” and even crowd-sourcing. Artifical Intelligence will do most of the ‘heavy-lifting’ or repetitive tasks, enabling human employees to operate more productively. 


“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

I have always been a bit of a science-fiction fan. Certainly not one of those that get dressed up for comic conventions like The Big Bang Theory’s nerdy scientists Leonard, Sheldon, Wolowitz “” and Raj but a sci-fi fan nonetheless.

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The culture of agility and staying ahead


Companies that empower their workforce – by helping them plan for the unknown, mitigate risk “” and thrive at work – will be more successful in building a responsive “” and successful organisation.


As competition for talent continues to rise “” and business models are disrupted by technology “” and socio-demographic shifts, organisations are still taking an evolutionary approach to their talent strategies in the face of revolutionary changes. According to Mercer’s 2017 Global Talent Trends Study, nearly all organisations globally (93 per cent) report they are planning to redesign their structure in the next two years.

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