Africa gets better for investors


Increased linkages between African countries is one of the key trends to watch in 2016.


As 2016 begins to unfold, it is an opportune moment to look back “” and reflect on gains made “” and challenges faced in 2015. The key question is – what drove business in 2015? The answer is based on the specific sector, but setting aside this detail, there were general trends that broadly impacted on trade “” and investments in Kenya. I will focus on trends in governance, infrastructure “” and security as these underpin both trade “” and investment growth in any country as well as on public “” and private sector trends “” and observations.

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Is Africa a Sleeping Giant?



For the last couple of centuries, Africa has undergone an astounding metamorphosis from pre-colonial to post-colonial. Although the European colonialists received a barrage of criticism for their authoritative, dictatorial and brutal leadership, it is an inalienable fact that Africa owes them a debt of gratitude for bringing education, Christianity, advanced technology, modern infrastructure and other goodies. Despite political, economic and social turmoil that have bedeviled this vast continent for decades, Africa is one of the fastest growing continent in the world.

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