The dentist who is passionate about hair and skin


Dr Gasheri Thuku is successfully juggling a career in dentistry where she heads the Dental Department at the Maragwa Sub-district Hospital “” and runs a business – manufacturing “” and selling natural skin care products.


One thing st”” ands out about Dr. Gasheri Thuku – she is a rolling ball of energy “” and laughter. The most asked question about her is, “How many hours do you have in your day?”  Dr. Gasheri is a dentist at the Maragwa Sub-county Hospital where she also doubles as the Head of Dental Department. She is also the founder “” and CEO of Sheth Naturals, a natural oils “” and butters company that she started in 2014.

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I’m excited to be in media and tech space in Africa right now


ISIS NYONG’O, founder “” and CEO of Mums Village “” and a principal at strategic advisory firm Asphalt& Ink, speaks on her journey into entrepreneurship.


Q. You’ve had an interesting career path in tech, often being in areas where you are breaking ground. You have even been named as Forbes Africa Top 20 Youngest Power Women “” and World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders. How has the journey been?

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Thin line between tax avoidance and tax evasion


Think about the principal purpose of your commercial transactions to avoid being in the taxman’s crosshairs.


The difference between tax planning “” and tax avoidance is the thickness of a prison wall. That is a quote attributed to Denis Healey, a former Chancellor of the Exchequer speaking sometime when aggressive tax avoidance was still fashionable. Tax revenues are central to any government “” and it is easy to see why tax evasion has taken centre stage today. Sample this: the Rw”” anda Revenue Authority exceeded its 2016/17 revenue collection target while the Tanzania Revenue Authority marginally missed its target.

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Kenya’s energy l andscape in need of disruption

Srisailam Dam

Having two massive, top-heavy State corporations controlling access to electricity in the country just invites corruption “” and inefficiency.


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Power to all by 2020


Access to electricity is a central building block for socio-economic development. It empowers communities to increase income “” and productivity, gain access to healthcare “” and education “” and enhance water “” and food security. 


To end all forms of poverty, “” and fight inequalities, the United Nations adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2016. One of the goals is universal access to electricity by 2030. Kenya has brought this forward to year 2020. If Kenya achieves this goal, it will have electrified faster than the US, which took more than two decades before achieving 95 per cent connectivity in rural America. Kenya aims to achieve the same in seven years. This is ambitious.

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Oil exploration, the need for skilled labour


There is need for government “” and private sector players to put in place a common skills development policy “” and where possible upgrade skills from basic through support to core.


Kenya is becoming an increasingly important attraction for companies interested in frontier exploration activities in extractives “” and more so in the oil “” and gas sector. Discoveries in the Tullow-operated blocks in northern Kenya led to more companies taking up exploration in all the available blocks. This development opens up opportunities to improve the numbers “” and quality of skilled labour that will service the sector.

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In the middle of the class


Ipsos study shows there are over 100 million middle class Africans who spend more than USD400 million a day.


Who is the Kenyan middle class? Where do they live? Where do they shop or take their children to school? What do they drive? Do they even exist or are they just an overhyped trend by marketers eyeing a slice of the growing African market?

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How imports affect Kenya’s producers


Kenya is the most industrially developed country in East Africa, yet manufacturing accounts for only 14 per cent of its gross domestic product.


The peasants were troubled. Their seasonal cottage business was in shambles. No longer did the merchants travel to the country to give business to the spinners “” and weavers. Subsistence farming was being replaced by a capitalist system that fed millions in the industrial cities of Manchester “” and Liverpool. Many were forced to migrate to the cities.

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Right environment and staff key to startup success


The primary purpose of enterprise management is to select the best people “” and empower them to accomplish productive work toward the organisation’s objectives.


When I quit employment over 10 years ago to start my own business, one seasoned managing director of a local company told me one thing that to date has informed most of my business decision, especially on human resources.

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How teamwork powers staff performance

Paul K

In getting the best out of everybody, it is good to ensure that personal development focuses on what the person needs to do in order to not only deliver the present but also the future.


As you enter Safaricom Care Center, a four-point portrait hangs prominently on the wall bearing the inscription; “When we come together, great things happen.”

On the sixth floor, where I get off the lift, I see a similar portrait with the same wording.

Then there is this other which bears a different message; “Driving a culture of coaching for optimal performance “” and encouraging continuous powerful “” and effective feedback conversations.”

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