There is need to protect your intellectual property


IP can be immensely valuable to its owners “” and the economy at large if well protected “” and harnessed.


Early 2015, Weetabix Limited published a notice in the media telling all dealers to sell their stocks of Multibix biscuits by May 30, 2015 or risk being jailed.

“This is to notify all members of the public that by a settlement between Weetabix Limited “” and Manji Food Industries Limited, it has been agreed that any person found stocking or promoting the biscuit product Multibix shall be liable for contempt of court,” the notice read in part.

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Off to save lives


Death “” and disability from severe injuries can be avoided if the right care is provided quickly.


World War II gave birth to the concept of emergency air evacuation, a mission that lowers morbidity “” and mortality rates due to the speedy movement of patients to hospitals coupled with timely management “” and proper h”” andling of patients.Since then, air ambulance service has become an essential component of the health care system which when utilised appropriately saves lives “” and reduces the cost of health care.

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The power of self-belief


Erick Okeyo, CEO of Bedrock Security Services Limited believes in the words of author Anatole France, who said that “to accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” He shares with SAMMI NDERITU his story of rising from a night club bouncer to becoming a CEO.

Quote: “Rising from a club bouncer to CEO was a long journey mixed with hope, self-belief, challenging moments “” and a strong desire to excel.”



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Corporate Case Study

Corporate Case

Corporate Case - As a manager, you will always be challenged to improve performances, whether business results are good or not.

How are you planning to face this challenge with your organization (or department)? On a personal level, you probably have a serious talent for improvement: how else have you accomplished the leadership position you are in? Success is not something you were born with, it is the result of your personal capacity to learn.

We are positive you are ready for your next success, but is your organization ready? And how would you know?

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The Manager, the struggle within,The Manager, the struggle within



Has the thought of throwing in the towel crossed your mind in light of the leadership challenges you face? Do you have specific areas of your managerial role that you struggle with? Relax. You are not alone. Every manager has his or her own battles. Learning to win more of these battles will place you at the top of every great leader’s choice.

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