Boost your self-confidence



We are all born with self-confidence but it often seems to dwindle as we grow older. The people we mingle with on a day-to-day basis, our surroundings, the workplace environment or even everyday situations can break or make one’s self-confidence. One’s job and role at the workplace may present a boost in self-confidence but with work pressure “” and high dem”” ands to meet deadlines “” and targets, commendable performance may not be acknowledged. Having just graduated “” and fortunately in my first job, sometimes the workload may be overwhelming “” and one ends up feeling insufficient, which may affect one’s psyche.

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Redefining leadership


Leadership is not about the size of your office or having formal authority. Leadership 2.0 is a mindset, a way of being – the way we operate through the days.


I once had a boss who reminded me he was the CEO 17 times over in a letter he wrote to me. I recall how that capitalised abbreviation stood out against all other small letters in the two-page letter, which left me wondering why he needed to emphasis that he was the CEO.

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Terry, the super multi-tasker


Terry McKenzie works as an international claims manager with a global health insurance firm, runs an online business called TMHoodies “” and has a consultancy involved in customer service.


If you meet Terry Mckenzie “” and ask her, “What do you do?” expect a very long answer.

Terry, a nurse by profession, describes herself as a ‘super multi-tasker’. She works as an international claims manager with a global health insurance company in the country. She also runs an online company called TMHoodies, which makes personalised hoodies for both private “” and corporate clients. She’s also involved in consultancy, “” and together with three other professionals, runs Ackon Consultancy where they do customer care “” and staff training, bills for county government “” and other corporate training services.

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Reading requires discipline


Loic Amado is the Uber General Manager, East Africa “” and loves a book that will challenge his views “” and give him inspiration.


1.How has reading been instrumental to your career, personal life “” and contributed to your leadership roles?

Reading challenges me because it gives me perspectives from other leaders; as I read I get to interact “” and debate with their ideologies. Leaders “” and entrepreneurs sharing their wisdom in business edify my intellectual curiosity. It’s always great to relate to some of the challenges that other entrepreneurs went through during the early days of building their businesses. For me, reading has been instrumental in helping me to reflect on challenges that other entrepreneurs went through “” and how I can learn from their mistakes.

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The cost of broken promises


Purpose to change the future by keeping your word.


It is a new year “” and like every beginning of the year, we all look forward to having a wonderful “” and more exciting year than past one. Promises “” and resolutions are made to others “” and to self; after all, optimism is in the air. However, as is typical of human beings, “laws are made to be broken.”

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Interdependence is the way forward

H ands united together

Great achievements are projects of huge teams, with each individual working to deliver the final product.

By Antony Kairu

Ihave a problem with how success stories are told. Narratives about companies like Facebook, Google, Safaricom or Tesla hang on the leaders who are celebrated for their inventions “” and theories. Most of these stories are told as a one-man show, many times honouring the CEO or chairperson of the company. But, a closer look at things shows that these achievements are projects of huge teams, with each individual working to deliver the final product.

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How to make devolution count


Former Presidential c”” andidate Prof James Ole Kiyiapi talks about the issues that are undermining devolution “” and what we can do differently.


Six years into a devolved system of governance “” and Kenya has many boasts- the first being that we actually have executed devolution “” and have 47 counties up “” and running. Second is that resources “” and power have been spread out to other centres across the nation “” and new economic hubs are evident.

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The six common leadership myths


Leadership comes in many forms “” and so does myths associated with it.


As Karen Kimsey-House, co-author of Co-Active Leadership “” and Co-Active Coaching, observes, existing businesses are facing disruption at all levels. She notes that younger employees are not satisfied with just a “job,” but rather, want work that allows them to be involved “” and included in decisions. Traditional comm”” and “” and control leadership models are floundering, unable to adapt to the need for more collaboration “” and inclusion. “Flattening organisational structure is all the rage these days, but until we move beyond some of our long-cherished myths about what it means to be a leader, it will be difficult to truly generate change,” she says.

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Tourism must adapt to climate change


Sustainable tourism development aims at promoting the nexus between societal wellbeing, economic prosperity “” and environmental integrity protection. 


Early in November, I came across an article in a local daily of a family that woke up one morning after camping in one of the national parks to find water at their doorstep. They called the hotel, which advised them to pack up their lugage “” and move to higher grounds. No sooner were they evacuated than the whole campsite was enveloped in flood water. Some campers were not too lucky as their luggage got wet “” and muddy.

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Let’s cut on plastic waste


If current trends continue, roughly 12 billion metric tonnes of plastic waste will be in l”” andfills or the natural environment by 2050 hence the urgent need to rethink our addiction to plastic.


Plastic is one of the most widely used “” and cheapest materials in the world today. Polyethylene terephthalateplastic is used in soft drinks, juices, water, beer, mouthwash, peanut butter, salad dressing, detergent “” and cleaner containers. DEHP, which is an abbreviation for di(2- ethylhexyl) phthalate, is a chemical that is commonly added to plastics to make them flexible. DEHP is widely in PVC plastics such as footwear, building materials “” and floor coverings.

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