vehicle body care

Kicker: As the common adage goes “first impressions last”. Wholesome vehicle maintenance is not only periodic service and repair, but must involve body interior and exterior care.

How best can we ensure that we are taking best care of our vehicles’ body work? Charles Indiazi had a one-on-one with Michael Mwiti, the Body Shop Manager at Stantech Motors who offered tips on Do-it-yourself (DIY) body care activities.

Question: What comprises of vehicle body care?

Answer: Vehicle Body care commonly known as valet cleaning or car detailing in more technical terms. This is the performance of thorough cleaning, restoration and finishing of an automobile both on the interior and exterior to produce a show level quality of detail.

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Corporate Case Study

Corporate Case

Corporate Case - As a manager, you will always be challenged to improve performances, whether business results are good or not.

How are you planning to face this challenge with your organization (or department)? On a personal level, you probably have a serious talent for improvement: how else have you accomplished the leadership position you are in? Success is not something you were born with, it is the result of your personal capacity to learn.

We are positive you are ready for your next success, but is your organization ready? And how would you know?

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The Manager, the struggle within,The Manager, the struggle within



Has the thought of throwing in the towel crossed your mind in light of the leadership challenges you face? Do you have specific areas of your managerial role that you struggle with? Relax. You are not alone. Every manager has his or her own battles. Learning to win more of these battles will place you at the top of every great leader’s choice.

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Working in style


Today, employees are much less tied to their office space

Say Hello to shared private enclaves. Say goodbye to big private offices. People are beginning to accept the idea that employees do not have to be at their desks with their heads down to actually be productive. Today, some employees are much less tied to their office space. A shift in technologies has happened too. Laptops “” and cordless phones have disconnected the worker from having to be in one place all the time.

Open workplace

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Leaving your job? Take important data with you

CNET_Cloud_Storage_roundup - Copy

 “As you give your best in the current job or role, always bear in mind that one day you will move to something new. Important resources you need to keep in your “go bag” include contacts, data “” and even apps that you have accumulated over time.”


The modern work life is characterized by transience “” and change. In fact, change is the only constant. The current workforce is increasingly getting dominated by generation Y, young adults who prefer shorter job tenure. The widespread availability “” and usage of the internet continue to introduce flexibility in how we work, the time we work “” and where we work.

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Is Africa a Sleeping Giant?



For the last couple of centuries, Africa has undergone an astounding metamorphosis from pre-colonial to post-colonial. Although the European colonialists received a barrage of criticism for their authoritative, dictatorial and brutal leadership, it is an inalienable fact that Africa owes them a debt of gratitude for bringing education, Christianity, advanced technology, modern infrastructure and other goodies. Despite political, economic and social turmoil that have bedeviled this vast continent for decades, Africa is one of the fastest growing continent in the world.

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Dealing with the baby blues


You've just had a baby, one of the most important and happiest events in your life. "What could make a woman happier than a new baby?" you wonder. So why are you so sad? Many women experience some mood disturbances in the time after pregnancy (known as the postpartum period). They may feel anxious, upset, alone, afraid, or unloving toward their baby, and experience some guilt for having these feelings.

For most women, the symptoms are mild and go away on their own. But statistics indicate that some women develop a more prominent and disabling form of mood disorder called postpartum depression (PPD).

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