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Day : October 12, 2017

Corporate Case Study Hands on Management

Employee burnout: Who is to blame and what can be done?

Executives need to own up to their role in creating workplace stress that leads to burnout ‘and create systems of addressing the same.  By MIRIAM
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The future of work is here

The ‘workforce’ of the future will include Artificial Intelligence, freelancers ‘and even crowd-sourcing.  Artifical Intelligence will do most of the ‘heavy-lifting’ or repetitive tasks, enabling
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Right environment and staff key to startup success

The primary purpose of enterprise management is to select the best people ‘and empower them to accomplish productive work toward the organisation’s objectives. By MURORI

Work, life and purpose

We need to know who we are ‘and what we are good at, risking everything in the pursuit of our dreams, as we nurture ‘and

People are the core of every organisation

Jacqueline Mugo, the Executive Director of the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE), speaks on what organisations need to do to attract ‘and retain talent. By
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How teamwork powers staff performance

In getting the best out of everybody, it is good to ensure that personal development focuses on what the person needs to do in order
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The changing face of HR

Sharon Kisire, HR Manager, Kenya Pipelin offers her views on the evolving issues in the human resource industry. 1. What are the latest perspectives on