Employee burnout: Who is to blame and what can be done?


Executives need to own up to their role in creating workplace stress that leads to burnout “” and create systems of addressing the same. 


Picture this. Your workload is always overwhelming regardless of your planning “” and prioritisation. You have tens of things that needed to have been done by yesterday. Every other time, you receive an additional call or email from your supervisor or co-managers of a new task that is to be completed by end of day. You also have several internal meetings to attend “” and from those there are more meetings to further discuss issues from the main meetings. This could be the scenario facing many supervisors “” and managers leading to burnout.

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The future of work is here


The ‘workforce’ of the future will include Artificial Intelligence, freelancers “” and even crowd-sourcing. Artifical Intelligence will do most of the ‘heavy-lifting’ or repetitive tasks, enabling human employees to operate more productively. 


“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X

I have always been a bit of a science-fiction fan. Certainly not one of those that get dressed up for comic conventions like The Big Bang Theory’s nerdy scientists Leonard, Sheldon, Wolowitz “” and Raj but a sci-fi fan nonetheless.

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Right environment and staff key to startup success


The primary purpose of enterprise management is to select the best people “” and empower them to accomplish productive work toward the organisation’s objectives.


When I quit employment over 10 years ago to start my own business, one seasoned managing director of a local company told me one thing that to date has informed most of my business decision, especially on human resources.

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Work, life and purpose


We need to know who we are “” and what we are good at, risking everything in the pursuit of our dreams, as we nurture “” and hone our skills.


For work to happen, effort “” and energy has to be dispensed. There was a time when our ancestors had no luxury in choosing the work they did. The l”” and they lived off dictated that. But every time a civilisation arose, labour became the fuel for its growth. Under such circumstances labour was divided into social classes “” and the people who worked the hardest “” and received a pittance were the slave class. They had no free will “” and only lived on the whims of their masters.

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People are the core of every organisation


Jacqueline Mugo, the Executive Director of the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE), speaks on what organisations need to do to attract “” and retain talent.


“To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace,” is a quote by Doug Conant of American firm Campbell Soup, which points to the importance of getting right the employee factor for any organisation. Chinese billionaire Jack Ma in his recent visit to Kenya too spoke of the importance of taking care of people – customers “” and employees – because they take care of the shareholder.

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How teamwork powers staff performance

Paul K

In getting the best out of everybody, it is good to ensure that personal development focuses on what the person needs to do in order to not only deliver the present but also the future.


As you enter Safaricom Care Center, a four-point portrait hangs prominently on the wall bearing the inscription; “When we come together, great things happen.”

On the sixth floor, where I get off the lift, I see a similar portrait with the same wording.

Then there is this other which bears a different message; “Driving a culture of coaching for optimal performance “” and encouraging continuous powerful “” and effective feedback conversations.”

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The changing face of HR

COVER - September 2017 - Photos21

Sharon Kisire, HR Manager, Kenya Pipelin offers her views on the evolving issues in the human resource industry.

1. What are the latest perspectives on HR as a business partner away from just HR Management? And what does this mean to organizations that want to create conducive work environments?

Not sure it is the latest but what I know is that HRPB takes HR to where the business really is “” and ensures that HR delivers value where it matters most. HR challenges at the work environment will reach HR management quickly, seamlessly “” and efficiently through HRPB.

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Employment trends in the gig economy


Allan Ngunze, HR Manager at Population Services Kenya (PS Kenya) shares some insights on the current “” and future state of HR “” and what we need to take cognizance of. He spoke to MURUGI NDWIGA.

Being at the centre of hiring, how do you spot talent “” and how can you tell that a c”” andidate will be a good fit for an organization? Do you make bad choices when recruiting “” and how do you salvage the situation?

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Inside the workplace of the future

COVER - September 2017 - Photos6

Employees will be at liberty to define their terms of engagement with employers, dress code as well as working hours.


In less than a decade from today, the popular term ‘permanent “” and pensionable employee’ in Kenya’s organisations may not exist. Reporting to work every morning “” and leaving in the evening will also be meaningless. Additionally, what you wear as well as where “” and how you sit while carrying out your duties will not count. The new workplace “” and workforce will have a br”” and new architecture.

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Boards should make diversity and inclusion top priority


The KIM Leadership “” and Diversity Report (2017) has established that the boards “” and senior management teams of NSE-listed companies are largely male, lack youth representation “” and are skewed in terms of skills mix. Andia Chakava, Kenya Chapter chairperson of New Faces New Voices, speaks on the importance of age, socio economic, ethnic “” and gender inclusion.

1. From a leadership viewpoint, why is diversity “” and inclusion important to business?

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