How technology is disrupting manufacturing-led development


Advances in technology “” and changing trade patterns are affecting opportunities for export-led manufacturing.


Technology “” and globalization are changing how manufacturing contributes to development, “” and the sector should be braced for massive disruption, a World Bank Group report indicates.

The report, Trouble in the Making? The Future of Manufacturing-Led Development indicates that changing technologies “” and shifting globalization patterns are destined to reshape manufacturing-led development strategies, “” and we will need to embrace this change rather than fear it.

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Track job market trends to know your worth


The inability to determine how much you are worth makes it difficult to ask for the salary or responsibility that will enable you grow within your profession.


Determining your value – either to a current employer or a potential new one – is an important part of developing a long-lasting “” and rewarding career. The inability to determine how much you are worth makes it difficult to ask for the salary or responsibility that will enable you grow within your profession. There is an old saying that describes this issue. “You are never paid what you are worth; you are paid what you can negotiate for.”

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Your personal br and strategy in 9 steps


Personal br”” anding takes time, hard work, resilience, character “” and belief in self.


“This is a very complicated world; it’s a very noisy world. And we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us. No company is. And so we have to be really clear on what we want them to know about us.” These are succinct words spoken by Steve Jobs to the Apple team. He was talking about the company’s br”” and marketing “Think Different” campaign, but in essence, he defined br”” anding. Steve Jobs is a super br”” and, who like other global personal br”” ands, lived ahead of his time. Coincidentally, he honoured these greats in the “Think Different” campaign.

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It’s time to decentralise our energy strategy


Despite ranking high in the provision of green energy, energy security “” and environmental dimensions, it performs poorly in energy equity.


Kenya leads Africa in green energy. Approximately 60 per cent of the grid is powered by renewables. There still lies a great potential that has not been harnessed yet. For instance, potential for large hydropower is estimated at 6,000MW with only half of this online. Small hydro power projects have a potential for 3,000MW of which only 30MW has been developed.

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Kenya’s energy l andscape in need of disruption

Srisailam Dam

Having two massive, top-heavy State corporations controlling access to electricity in the country just invites corruption “” and inefficiency.


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A model for energy sustainability


Energy performance contracting helps companies implement sustainable energy technologies in their processes without having to go through the investment risks.


The high cost of doing business in the 21st Century has mediated new thinking in terms of use of sustainable energy. The survival of many businesses partly relies on their sustainable use of energy “” and how agile they are in adoption of emergent renewable energy technologies. Some of the sustainable energy initiatives include the use of biomass boilers for generation of steam, deployment of energy efficiency initiatives like use of energy-saving bulbs for lighting, use of solar water heating technologies “” and carrying out energy use audits.

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Power to all by 2020


Access to electricity is a central building block for socio-economic development. It empowers communities to increase income “” and productivity, gain access to healthcare “” and education “” and enhance water “” and food security. 


To end all forms of poverty, “” and fight inequalities, the United Nations adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2016. One of the goals is universal access to electricity by 2030. Kenya has brought this forward to year 2020. If Kenya achieves this goal, it will have electrified faster than the US, which took more than two decades before achieving 95 per cent connectivity in rural America. Kenya aims to achieve the same in seven years. This is ambitious.

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Oil exploration, the need for skilled labour


There is need for government “” and private sector players to put in place a common skills development policy “” and where possible upgrade skills from basic through support to core.


Kenya is becoming an increasingly important attraction for companies interested in frontier exploration activities in extractives “” and more so in the oil “” and gas sector. Discoveries in the Tullow-operated blocks in northern Kenya led to more companies taking up exploration in all the available blocks. This development opens up opportunities to improve the numbers “” and quality of skilled labour that will service the sector.

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In the middle of the class


Ipsos study shows there are over 100 million middle class Africans who spend more than USD400 million a day.


Who is the Kenyan middle class? Where do they live? Where do they shop or take their children to school? What do they drive? Do they even exist or are they just an overhyped trend by marketers eyeing a slice of the growing African market?

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Is coal energy viable for Kenya?


The economic “” and business case for mega-plants is shaky, even for the ‘planet-friendly’ wind farms such as in Turkana.


What do the classic indicators of income or economic activity, such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), or Gross National Income (GNI), really measure? One perspective is that they show how much a country, or group of people, has harnessed energy “” and material goods in the service of its people or members. A traditional hut, a first-owner home in Nairobi’s South C “” and the mansions in Runda show this eloquently.

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